Developing Innovative Healthcare Products

Leading Anti-biotic Manufacturer tie up, focusing on value medicine and to provide quality needs, with a purpose to help people do more, feel better and live longer.

MNW Life Sciences

MNW Life Sciences, a Science-led global healthcare company that research, develop and manufacturer tie up, committed to help people with the benefits of our world-class healthcare products.

MNW Life Sciences

We are a leading anti-biotic businesses that research, develop and manufacturer innovative tie up with pharmaceutical medicine and hormones and nutritional product along with anti inflammatory enzymes manufacturer.

We put people at the heart of everything we do, with the goal of benefitting more patients in the future. Leveraging science to enhance the quality of life.


Keeping in line with what we know and do best,
our Antibiotic Awareness Progremme (AAP) to targets enable
people to lead healthy and enriched lives.

MNW Life Sciences

Health for all

We have made strong beginnings in our country and our aim is to identify projects where we can cater to the entire value chain to make lives healthier and happier.

MNW Life Sciences

Our Behavior

Our commitment to responsible, values-based business underlies everything we do including our approach to AAP and initiatives.

MNW Life Sciences

Our People

We have created an inspiring and supportive work environment that encourages our employees to work on select community service projects.

MNW has a long legacy of partnering with the communities in which we live and operate. We focus on making life-changing, long-term differences in human health by addressing some of the major health-related concerns.

MNW product portfolio includes prescription medicines like anti-biotic and PPI along with anti-inflammatory enzymes and hormones. Our prescription medicines range.

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